Who doesn’t like to have fun? Seriously, what is a party or event without entertainment? Our interactive games aren’t just for the kids even though they love them all. Fun for all ages we provide a variety of games to keep the energy flowing. An exciting climbing challenge for kids of all ages is the Hard Rockwall with real ropes and harnesses.

Match your skills up against your friends with our Sumo Wrestling arena while wearing the large padded suits or joust your friends in the Gladiator Dome. Perhaps the boxing ring would be perfect with the oversized gloves in our inflatable ring.

The Lazer Tag maze is great for the competitive spirit as is the Sports Bungee Challenge where you are connected via a bungee in a tug of war style game where you try to score more baskets or touchdowns than your opponent.

Don’t forget about the inflatable obstacle courses where you can race an opponent through the course. We have fantastic games for all ages and they are great for huge events or small get togethers. We surely have the right game for every occasion.

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