The main attraction! Our bulls are great for the toughest cowboy but still safe enough for children. Great for any occasion the mechanical bulls draw a crowd and brings out a competitive element in everyone. Fun for all ages, even those only spectating. Think you can conquer our bulls? Hop in the ring and see how long you can last but one thing is certain, you will have a blast! This can be a little competitive, especially when friends start timing each other. Our bulls never get tired so you don’t have to worry about them needing a break, your guests on the other hand might need a few minutes after their defeat.

People can’t get enough of our bulls, they are truly a memorable element in every occasion. We have a variety of mechanical bulls to choose from. Give us a call and we will get you taken care of with the best bull for your backyard or event!

Safety and Mechanical Bulls

Just like it is with you, safety is very important to The Bull Guys.  We maintain safety in many areas when running the bull.

  • Our bull is surrounded by a 16′ x 16′ air mattress.  This is inflated fully and never run without it in place.  The constant airflow allows the mat to be inflated and offer maximum protection at all times.
  • The bull’s head and horn are also padded – they are very soft.
  • When riding the bull you will hold onto a rope instead of a strap or metal post.  This allows for safer dismount from the bull if you fall off.
  • There are various speeds in which the bull operates.  These different speeds allow anyone regardless of age or ability to safely ride the bull.
  • There is a qualified and trained operator running the bull at all times.  The operator has been educated in the importance of mechanical bull safety.  They are in control of:
    • the speed
    • the buck-and-spin
    • the direction of the spin
  • Every ride is customized to ensure it to be fun and safe no matter what the age of the rider.

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