The Bull Guys have all kinds of inflatable attractions. Yes most of the interactive games are also inflatable but for kids specifically we have a variety of inflatable bouncy houses including different animals, firetrucks, and castles, even a carousel. The inflatable slides are available in a traditional form and as a shoe but be sure to check out the Titanic slide, a favorite attraction for many events, this slide is over 30 feet tall! Can’t decide, we have a few combinations available blending bouncy houses and slides together.

Inflatables are so much fun, not just for kids but adults as well. We know you’ve dreamed of owning your own bouncy castle since you were a kid, so rent one for your next party and bring the kids back out of your adult friends. Bounce around in a castle and bring the party to life. Feel the rush of the wind as you slide down the giant inflatable slides. Fun for all ages inflatables are definitely a great addition to your party or event.

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